Thursday: Taste schnapps from Austria's top distiller at BierBeisl

June 19, 2012 |  4:16 pm

Here’s the chance to taste the world-class schnapps and spirits of artisanal Austrian distiller Hans Reisetbauer.

He’ll be in town on Thursday for a special tasting from 6 to 10 p.m. at BierBeisl in Beverly Hills.
The ticket price of $65 includes a tasting of six fruit brandies, plus Reisetbauer’s seven-year aged whiskey and his Blue Gin. In Austria, fruit brandies, or eaux de vie, are a way of life.  And Reisetbauer turns out an astonishing lineup, starting with the classic fruit flavors of wild cherry, Damson plum, apricot and Williams pear and ending with uncanny flavors like carrot, ginger and dried pear. You won't taste all of them, but enough to get a primer in Austrian spirits.
For the event, BierBeisl’s chef-owner Bernhard Mairinger, who is a big Reisetbauer fan, will prepare a series of little bites designed to complement the spirits. For example, with the apricot brandy, he’ll serve sachertorte with homemade apricot jam; with the plum, crispy bacon-wrapped plums with toasted almonds; and with the Blue Gin, weisswurst poached in milk and onions.
This could be fun.