Naschmarkt Restaurant Brings Austrian Cuisine to Campbell

By Courtney Buchanan

The delicious flavors of Austria at Naschmarkt Restaurant take you on a culinary adventure to Eastern Europe. If you’ve always wanted to taste the flavors of Austria but don’t want to roll out the cash for the trip, Naschmarkt Restaurant will satisfy your taste buds and save your wallet with light Austrian fare. Margaux and Matthias Froeschl, owners of the restaurant, brought the vibe of the Naschmarkt, the largest open air market in Vienna, to Campbell in July 2011 when they opened the Naschmarkt Restaurant. “We named it after that because our whole philosophy on food is that we should be using local fresh food,” said Margaux. Born and raised in Austria, chef Matthias creates culinary masterpieces influenced by the Austrian culture that he grew up with. “Austrian cuisine is based on a classical French technique and pulls in influences from surrounding countries,” said Margaux.  From light salads to heartier meat dishes, everyone in the family can find something delicious. While you might think of heavy meals when it comes to Eastern European cuisine, the Froeschls adapt the food to their Campbell customers by making lighter dishes. “We try to bring in California style to everything we do,” said Margaux. “We’re able to tweak it in a way that we’re able to change it based on the market here.” The classic Austrian dish Wiener schnitzel is the most popular dish at the restaurant, said Froeschl. Naschmarkt Restaurant serves it with lingonberry sauce, Austrian potato salad, lemon and crisp parsley for a price of $29. Customers also love the goulash, which is an Austrian version of a beef stew. It is braised in paprika with herbed spatzle (Austrian pasta), mixed peppers and sour cream for a price of $27. Since a majority of their produce comes from the farmers’ market, the menu is constantly changing with the seasons. Margaux said, “It all depends on what’s freshest and what we can get locally.” Recently Matthias Froeschl prepared salmon with quinoa and heirloom tomatoes as a special. The weekly changes to the menu keep the restaurant new and interesting, even for regulars, Margaux said. She said that operating a family business in Campbell feels like an honor since the community is so accepting. “A lot of people from the community have become our customers and our friends as well,” she said. Naschmarkt Restaurant is owned by Margaux and Matthias Froeschl, Margaux’s parents Marcine and Alain Staebler, and Humberto Ramirez. To experience Austrian cuisine in Campbell, visit Naschmarkt Restaurant for lunch Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. or for dinner Tuesday through Sunday after 5 p.m.