Is Beverly Hills the New Little Austria? Viennoiseries and Schnapps This Week

By Lesley Balla

When one Austrian steps down, two step in, or so it seems in Beverly Hills.

While Wolfgang Puck isn't exactly walking away from restaurateuring, once his Spago flagship closes for renovations, the schnitzel will be missed. But Santa Monica Boulevard is fast becoming a Viennese hub, with plenty of lintzertortes, sausages, spaetzle and schnapps to enjoy.
On Wednesday (June 20), My Vienna will soft open to offer traditional Vinennese coffee, pastries and gelato to the neighborhood. The shop is located at 9461 South Santa Monica Boulevard. And on Thursday (June 21), learn about schnapps - the real stuff, not that apricot syrup you drank in college - at BierBeisl. Distiller Hans Reisetbauer will be on hand to discuss brandy flavors like plum, pear and rowanberry; the latter is truly some heady stuff. The tasting costs $65 and includes booze and snacks from chef Bernhard Mairinger. Call for 310-271-7274 for reservations.