Croissants Weren't Invented By The French, FYI

The Huffington Post
By Carly Ledbetter
January 30, 2015

Croissants are wonderful, delicious, flakey pieces of buttery goodness. But you've been lied to about their origins.

You probably think that croissants, pastry of the gods, were thought up by those genius French bakers who came up with macarons. But in reality, croissants are actually of Austrian descent, dreamed up in the 17th century by an artillery officer.

Despite the Austrian origins, there is a French connection. Queen Marie-Antoinette of the "Let them eat cake" myth actually let the French people eat croissants, which she introduced to the public sometime in the 18th century. The recipe has changed over the years, and the croissants we eat now are more similar to the croissants made in the 1900s.

But if you're still feeling blindsided, don't worry -- even Kanye West thinks France when he thinks croissants. In his song "I AM A GOD," silly Kanye rapped: "In a French-ass restaurant/ hurry up with my damn croissants."

French bakers responded to Kanye (yes, this is true) asking him to have some patience. Really though, West should have rapped, "In an Austrian-ass restaurant..." Heartbreaking.