Why is the Kaiserschmarrn named Kaiserschmarrn and what's the story behind the Wiener Schnitzel? What do Austrians say when they clink classes and what exactely is a Heuriger? Find answers to all the burning questions you have about Austrian Food Culture in this section.

History of Austrian Cuisine
The Austrian cuisine is one of the most multi-cultural ones in Europe and extends far beyond the current Austrian borders.

One thing to understand about Austrian food culture is that in Austria, food is relished and meals are celebrated.

When having a meal as a group, it is polite to wish one another 'Guten Appetit' or 'Mahlzeit'.

The Coffee House Legacy
The Viennese coffee house is one of the most romantic elements of an undeniably romantic city.

Food Regions
Lower Austria holds Austria’s biggest quality-wine territory.


Image: © Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Peter Rigaud