Ready in: 1h Serves: 4 Complexity: easy Origin: Sweets and Desserts

©Tirol Werbung / Moser Laurin

©Tirol Werbung / Moser Laurin


10.6 oz wheat flour
2.8 oz butter
1 egg
cream or milk
a pinch of salt
powdered sugar (also vanilla, cinnamon)
lard or oil for baking


1. Mix the flour, butter, egg and salt while adding cream or milk until the dough is not too consolidated. Knead it until the dough blisters.

2. Let it rest in the fridge.

3. Thinly flatten the dough with a rolling pin. Then cut it into triangles or squares with a pastry-cutting wheel or a knife.

4. Deep-fry them on both sides in a pan. Then take them out and drain them.

5. Powder them with powdered sugar or cinnamon.

Image: ©Tirol Werbung / Moser Laurin