Red Bull, Almdudler or Spritzer. Speck, Schnaps and wine.  Austria offers drinks and food for every season and every taste. This section will provide you with information about Austria's exceptional Wine, Beer, Coffee, and Speciality Drinks. If you have not tried one of these drinks or food you definitely have missed out on something.  So for your next visit to our country make sure to try some dishes and drinks presented here. Prost und Mahlzeit!

The wine growing area in Austria totals 113,000 acres and is managed by 23,000 wine growers.

With one brewery per 56.860 inhabitants, Austria has the highest density of breweries in Europe.

Coffee in Austria is very important and an essential part of the country's food culture.

Special Drinks
Must, Red Bull, Almdudler and more.


Image: © Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Himsl L.