The AMA Seal

Quality can make or break the success of a good food product. However, this cannot usually be discerned with the naked eye. In order to make the high quality and the best taste visible to consumers, we label above-average products from Austria with the AMA seal of quality or
with the AMA organic label.

The AMA seal of quality represents outstanding quality, traceable origins and independent controls. A product labelled with the AMA seal of quality is consistently subject to controls on its way from the production and further processing right through to your supermarket. This ensures that only the best ends up on your table. With some 20,000 organic farming operations, Austria is Europe’s organic champion.

Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH (Ltd.)

Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing is responsible for carrying out all agricultural marketing across Austria. Alongside the promotion of agricultural marketing, its role includes the following:
Instituting quality improvement measures. These include developing and applying quality guidelines for agricultural products and the processed products derived from them.
Applying classic techniques in advertising, sales promotion and PR, with the objective to make people aware of the significance of the quality and freshness of foodstuffs, and of their origins. In doing so, the goal is to promote sales of agricultural produce.

AMA Seal

AMA Seal

The AMA seal ensures that foodstuffs can be traced to their source. In addition, products that carry this symbol meet the highest quality standards. Farmers, processing plants and retailers must conform to strict regulations, which are monitored by independent testing centres.

AMA Organic Seal

AMA Organic Seal

Only organically produced foodstuffs may carry the AMA organic seal. The red and white design, with "Austria" identified as the source, guarantees that the raw materials originate in Austria, and that they have been handled and processed inland.

The black and white version does not indicate the source of organic raw materials.

For more information on Austrian food quality, be sure to visit: AMA Marketing's website.

Top image: © Österreich Werbung/ Reiberger